Friday, 2 August 2013

The final fire

An excellent final day at camp with superb swim at harlech beach!

Followed by a very high standard of patrol meals!

A chill out by the fire then an early night ready for breaking camp tomorrow.
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Baking bread

This loaf was baked in a camp oven

Camp doughnuts..

Biggest camp doughnuts ever..

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Patrol meal evening

Tonight is all about each patrol thinking up of a meal they wish to cook and getting qualities, ingredients correct for three courses.

Eating lunch on the beach

After patrol shopping we have come to the beach for lunch and some games in the sand!

Glorious Morning

A glorious penultimate morning on site.

A fantastic breakfast of bacon eggy bread black pudding, mushrooms and beans had by all.

Now off to Porthmadog for the patrols to shop for their self created menus.

Then on to Harlech beach for some playtime!
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Making a pack lunch

They make a sandwich every day so if the ingredients are out at home, they know what to do!